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Becker's Webinar:
Transforming the Traditional Utilization Management Process with AI

Eliminating administrative waste and reducing inefficient processes without impacting quality of care is top of mind for leading Payer and Provider healthcare executives nationwide. With this in mind, the traditional Utilization Management (UM) process is riddled with duplicative and inefficient processes that cause unnecessary errors, friction, and delays. 

In this Becker’s webinar XSOLIS and Chilmark Research leaders discuss Humana’s recent study into UM time and touch efficiencies that are being realized using AI. Our speakers also explore:

  • The administrative burden and friction created in the traditional approach to Utilization Management
  • How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are transforming the Utilization Management process for National, Regional and Provider-Sponsored Health Plans 
  • Next-level collaboration opportunities available today when Payers and Providers partner together for Precision Utilization Management and the value this brings to each organization 

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