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How XSOLIS Eases AI Technology Fears

Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Predictive analytics. These terms sound overwhelming if you’re not a data...

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5 Ways CORTEX Improves the Utilization Review Process

How can CORTEX® help my organization?  

CORTEX helps clients in so many ways. From increasing efficiencies and...

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Rowvember: XSOLIS and Fit Factory Nashville Support Gigi’s Playhouse

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has rippled across our lives and communities. While businesses, individuals and...

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From Adversary to Ally: How CORTEX Connects Payers & Providers

The disconnect between payers and providers has grown over the years, creating more work and frustrations on both...

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Increased Efficiency: UM Leaders’ Perspectives on CORTEX

Last month, XSOLIS asked its clients how CORTEX changed the way they worked. The answer was the same across the...

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