Precision Utilization Management as a Business Strategy for 2022

by XSOLIS Insights, on Oct 25, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Efficiency. Automation. Connection. Each word holds the promise of change: new, faster, more seamless. Last week, XSOLIS leader Matt Brink outlined how the concept of Precision Utilization Management brings all three concepts into alignment. What is Precision UM? Simply put, it is a business strategy which can be distilled into a simple description: “using XSOLIS analytics to authorize (or automate) inpatient determinations.”

Yet this simple description belies some clever applications. Matt discusses the case of Atrium Health (a regional health system based in North Carolina), which was an innovator in using the concept of Precision UM to streamline its utilization review process for Medicare patients and other select payers. Matt also highlights the shared Precision UM framework between Covenant Health (a health system in Tennessee) and Humana that has created a revitalized relationship and a seamless UR process.

But most importantly, Matt also highlights the innovative nature of the approach and the benefits it can create for both staff and operations at organizations who adopt it. Watch the webinar replay below to learn more:

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