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XSOLIS recognized in 2023 KLAS Points of Light Case Study  


What makes an Outstanding Payer-Provider Initiative? 

An estimated $265 billion is wasted annually in avoidable healthcare administrative costs. The KLAS K2 Collaborative highlights successful payer-provider initiatives as case studies, or “points of light,” that reduce this waste and lead to an improved patient experience.  

Learn how XSOLIS helped Humana and a networked provider organization solve common challenges like high preemptive denial rates and time-consuming manual work with its uncommon AI-backed technology and automation capabilities to: 

  • Reduce provider case review time from 15 to 5 mins, 67% improvement 
  • Reduce Humana case review time by 38%  
  • Reduce provider denials by 20%  
  • Increase accuracy of Humana’s reimbursement


Download the Case Study