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An Intelligent Solution to Operations

Our Cortex platform, powered by real-time predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, equips your organization for financial success and operational efficiency.

Real-time Predictive Analytics

Our real-time utilization management platform, Cortex, connects and analyzes clinical and financial data for timely and defensible utilization determinations and decision-making. XSOLIS builds the clinical context of each case, in real time. 

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XSOLIS Physician Advisory Services

XSOLIS Physician Advisory Services provide our clients a full complement of solutions including 2nd level reviews, Peer-to-Peer support, and Denial Management & Support. XSOLIS supplements your Physician Advisor personnel, processes and needs.

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Denials Mitigation & Management

By identifying cases with the highest probability of success, our specialists systematize the appeal process, while our technology increases compliance, decreases audit risk, and minimizes denial exposure up front. 

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Current State of UM

Due to insufficient resources, siloed patient data and outdated processes, case and utilization management staff have been forced to manually handle and prioritize overflowing censuses of patients to review. Traditional Utilization Management workflows are manual, time consuming, inconsistent, subjective and rely on static case review.

Additionally, traditional utilization review tools and processes leave revenue at risk regardless of proactive compliance efforts.


XSOLIS’ software platform, Cortex, helps Case Management and UR staff work smarter, prioritizing case reviews based on risk of potential revenue risk. Incorrect status, discharge ready, Inpatient Only procedures, Extended Observation cases, and Short Stays are all examples of cases that Cortex helps UR staff focus on at the right time, in real time.

This approach is proven to increase compliance, shorten patient length of stay, and appropriately ‘right-size’ observation rates.

Positive Impact to Your Bottom Line

We help hospitals “right-size” observation rates, increase compliance, lower patient Length of Stay, maximize return on Physician Advisor services (internal and outsourced), improve productivity and more.

By revolutionizing how cases are monitored and decisions are made for Utilization Review and status compliance, XSOLIS clients make their clinical and financial data work for them, not the other way around.
Decrease in Observation Rate
Reduction in Observation LOS
Decrease in Short Stays
Increase in Appropriate Inpatient Conversions

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