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Tara Dwyer, XSOLIS

Tara Dwyer, RN

Vice President, Audit Operations

Tara has served as Vice President of Audit Operations for XSOLIS since August 2013, a position responsible for all commercial and government denials and appeals, in addition to quality validation for all clinical data used by XSOLIS solutions. Tara also provides clinical training and support to nursing staff who utilize the XSOLIS platform, giving her a unique perspective on the challenges within the revenue cycle and more tactically, on the front lines of UR and case management.

Tara has over 30 years’ experience working in the financial and revenue side of healthcare, specifically working with denials, coding and billing best practices, and has performed commercial insurance audits on both the hospital and payer side. She received her RN from Broward College School of Nursing, in addition to Clinical Documentation Improvement training through 3M Health Information Systems.