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COVID-19 & UR: Hospital Roundtable - Friday, April 24

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How are hospitals and health systems adapting to the operational and clinical burden of COVID-19? Our panel includes three UR leaders from across the nation - Beacon Health System in Indiana and United Health Services in New York - who discuss the future of remote UR, the state of play in the payer space, and what the future holds. The Roundtable features:

  • Barb Scanlon, Director of UM & Case Management at Beacon Health System
  • Janet Freeman, RN, UM Educator at Beacon Health System
  • Kim Brady, RN, BSN, HCA, System Director of Case Management at UHS NY
  • P. Michelle Wyatt, DNP, MSN, RN, IQCI, CPHM, Director of Clinical Best Practice at XSOLIS
  • Patty Dietz, BSN, RN, CPHQ, ACM-RN, Clinical Sales Director at XSOLIS
  • Matt Royalty, Director of Payer Relations at XSOLIS

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