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White Paper

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Clinical Decision-making

While innovation is rapidly transforming operations and decision-making, traditional screening criteria still rely on solitary, diagnosis-specific data points to drive determinations.

This white paper explores how XSOLIS' Artificial Intelligence helps nurses and clinicians produce accurate, defensible decisions on severity of illness and intensity of service.

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Since moving from traditional criteria, we have not had significant issues with our payers. Quite the opposite: they've been receptive and appreciate the clinical context XSOLIS' analytics provide."

Michelle Allen

Director of Case Management, Springhill Medical Center

What's Inside

  • Criteria Are Broken - The State of Determinations
  • What's in a Score? - XSOLIS' Care Level Score 
  • Data-Driven Outcomes - An Analytical Approach
  • Aligning Payers and Providers Through Analytics
  • Positioning Your Organization for Success