Who Are We?

ek-soh-lis (think ‘excellence’)

From our startup years to our current growth state, XSOLIS has appealed to those who think differently.
After years with large healthcare firms, our founding team came to a realization: if we can truly put the power of data and technology in the hands of nurses and docs, we can transform the future of healthcare.
That realization led to action. First, creating a company focused on harnessing the latest technology in ways that healthcare hadn’t before. Then, building relationships with the right mix of forward-thinkers and innovators who poured their feedback, reputations and love into our early-stage efforts. Finally, reaching a broad, cross-profile swathe of healthcare leaders and doers who are focused on change.
Our mission: We break down healthcare silos through purpose-built solutions and industry-leading AI, accelerating data-driven decision making and collaboration across a connected network of providers and payers.

Our vision
: Create a frictionless healthcare system.
In 2013, our founder and CEO, Joan Butters, sought out to bring operational solutions to healthcare, based on the gaps she had seen working with leaders across the industry. That passion formed what we now know as XSOLIS, which focuses on applying data and technology to manual, process-driven healthcare financial operations and decision-making.
XSOLIS has quickly evolved into an industry leading technology solution: CORTEX, our real-time AI applied with a technology wraparound, allows utilization review staff at both payer and provider to review the same cases with the same data. We are committed to helping our clients succeed and to making healthcare a smarter enterprise for all.

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XSOLIS in Brief

Since our start in 2013, we have expanded to a nationwide client footprint as well as attracting talent across the nation.


An Auspicious Start

Co-founders Joan Butters and Jim Sohr envision a company with the power to help healthcare leaders make informed decisions across the care continuum.


First Hospital Client

XSOLIS brings CORTEX technology to the market, offering real-time analytics derived from EMR data to hospital utilization review staff.


First Health Plan Client

A national health plan and a regional health system first utilize CORTEX to jointly assess medical necessity and authorize determinations. Our payer-provider network is now coast to coast.


$75m Growth Investment

Brighton Park Capital invests $75m in a minority stake investment; XSOLIS accelerates hypergrowth, bringing new solutions to you and healthcare at large.


Meet Our Leaders

These innovators bring talent, passion and expertise to the task of upending the healthcare status quo.
Joan Butters

Chief Executive Officer

Heather Bassett, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Brent Teveit

Chief Data Science Officer

Zach Evans

Chief Technology Officer

Mallika Edwards

Chief Product Officer

Rachel Vincion

Chief Finance Officer

Chris Bayham

Chief Operating Officer

Tim Kostner

Chief Revenue Officer