Xsolis University: Empower Your Knowledge

Xsolis is excited to offer a comprehensive training program for all clients, whether in the implementation phase or for the benefit of continuing education. All client education begins with the Xsolis Learning Management System called Xsolis University (XU).

All users are provisioned with XU credentials based on their role within the organization. The training experience in XU consists of Learning Session Webinars and eLearning Courses. The Webinars are instructor-facilitated lectures intended to provide overviews and product functionality training.

Users may register for a multitude of sessions for days/times that meet their needs. eLearning courses are available on-demand, consisting of self-paced courses that include participant guides, interactive videos, software simulations, and quizzes.


Xsolis University

Training and education are essential to successful implementation and continuing education. With that in mind, we’ve created Xsolis University (XU). XU is a comprehensive training platform for all clients to support their successful implementation and knowledge of Xsolis software.

Users may register for a multitude of live instructor-led sessions that provide overviews and product functionality training, along with access to self-paced and on-demand guides, interactive virtual eLearning courses, software simulations, assessments, and more to support your team and drive results.