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Seamless, 360° utilization management and review across all teams

Make sure the right cases are seamlessly handled at the right time, by the right staff, with a shared framework for concurrent authorizations that leverages AI and ML-driven predictive analytics focused on the true clinical merit of every case.


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A shared, streamlined platform for complete UM case reviews and collaboration

With Dragonfly Align, payers, health plans, and provider-sponsored health plans benefit from increased collaboration with their connected providers during concurrent authorizations. All teams have secure, real-time access to specialized EMR-agnostic views that allow for consistent standardization of clinical data and more efficient review of cases. Bi-directional communication via the Dragonfly platform enables all teams to eliminate phone calls and faxing saving time and streamlining the authorization process end-to-end.


Payer-Provider Data Automation Workflow

Leverage Key Insights For Automated case reviews for accelerated decision making

Reduce case touches and administrative work on both sides with Dragonfly Align, which aligns payers and providers on automated case reviews using key Xsolis insights not found anywhere else. With Xsolis’ Care Level ScoreTM generated by tapping into like cases amongst 17 million discharges, Dragonfly creates Precision Utilization Management speeding Level of Care determinations, using historical, data-backed thresholds for automated Inpatient and Observation status in the concurrent authorization process. With over 2 billion predictions and counting, connected payers and providers jointly agree on thresholds shifting their dynamic to focus on the cases that need their attention and automating the ones that don’t accelerating decision making, improving collaboration, reducing friction, and driving partnership.


76% faster workflows

Status determinations take an average of 55 minutes using fax, compared to only 9 minutes using Dragonfly Align.


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Move past the status quo. Replace competition between provider and payer with end-to-end collaboration and partnership on access, collaboration, and aligned automation with clinical data sharing on Inpatient and Observation status determinations.  Learn how.