Dragonfly Navigate: Empower Informed Decisions with Healthcare Data Insights

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AI-powered rounding support to better manage length of stay and gain insight into avoidable days

Offering AI and ML-driven predictions about discharge targets early in the encounter, Dragonfly Navigate enables proactive planning, provides information about discharge readiness and barriers to drive workflow towards objective, operational targets to help optimize length of stay.


Analytics and workflows that connect care teams

Transform discharge workflows by collaborating and aligning teams with multiple views of unfolding encounters to support rounding, better prioritization of tasks, and accurate identification of expected and target discharge dates. Behind the scenes, AI-driven benchmarks establish operational Length of Stay targets for all active inpatient encounters. By integrating the models and analytics directly into your existing tools and workflows, we can make our discharge target predictions accessible to your entire staff, not just Dragonfly users, without the need for those members to leave the EMR.

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Predictive pathways that anticipate care

A flexible display of the patient census in a prioritized work queue helps to eliminate gaps in care and evaluate patients based on real-time data, which identifies near-term discharges. In addition to identifying opportunities for appropriate discharge, the AI in Dragonfly Navigate generates highly precise predictive analytics to help your teams prioritize the most urgent planning tasks.


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