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Streamline peer-to-peer conversations and maximize your PA resources

Give your teams AI and ML-driven insights and synthesized clinical data to efficiently identify and support case status for escalated cases.

Dragonfly Advise powers Xsolis’ Physician Advisor Services, consistently ranked No. 1 Best in KLAS.

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Purpose-built workflows

Designed by Physician Advisors, for Physician Advisors, Dragonfly Advise helps your PA staff manage case volumes and facilitate peer-to-peer conversations by synthesizing relevant clinical data from the EMR and displaying it in a clear workflow tool. Offering visibility across multiple facilities means every PA’s time and clinical expertise is maximized across the enterprise, allowing more cases to be reviewed internally.

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Better patient outcomes

With performance benchmarking and KPI tracking in real-time through on-demand data and custom reports, Dragonfly Advise allows your organization to track every measure of success, the number of peer-to-peer reviews, and even case reviews by PA. Seamless communication between doctor and nurse across all facilities in a system, regardless of EMR, means that staff are more effective and their attention is focused on their patient’s outcome.


The average decrease [Xsolis client] saw in the number of cases escalated to Physician Advisors across a nine-month period.

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