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Dragonfly uses real-time data to provide a shared view that strengthens communication and accelerates alignment between payers and providers while empowering efficient workflows. This multidimensional approach enables both providers and payers to break down silos, understand and analyze vast amounts of data, and view instantaneous clinical patient profiles with laser-focused speed and precision. 

Our clients are leading the way in realizing efficiencies in healthcare. Learn more about how Xsolis can help providers, health plans, ACOs, and more drive better patient outcomes, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs.


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Transform your approach to utilization management and review with Dragonfly’s 360° view that allows providers and payers to partner more effectively. With a consistent, full picture of aggregated clinical data, payers and providers can experience faster and more accurate decision-making. Dragonfly ensures the right cases are handled at the right time, by the right staff, through a shared framework that leverages AI-powered payer-provider analytics that are objectively focused on the true clinical merit of a case. Tasks become effortlessly automated, thresholds are easily determined, first-touch determinations are increased, and your approach to utilization management and review is reimagined.

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