Dragonfly Notify: Streamline Communications & Improve Patient Engagement

Remove Clinical Data Silos and Improve Collaboration Between Providers and ACOs 

XSOLIS enables ACOs and other Value-Based Care (VBC) entities to better manage their shared patient population with actionable, real-time workflow solutions and a national provider network of hospitals and health systems. With Dragonfly Notify, ACOs are now proactively working together with providers for high-quality coordinated care from patient presentation to discharge.




A Shared, Streamlined Platform For Real-Time Clinical Data

Dragonfly Notify offers ACOs real-time identification when a member of their population of attributed membership enters a hospital which participates in Xsolis’ national provider network. Once the ACO is informed their patient is receiving care, customized clinical packets, including acuity, wellness, notes, medications, and orders, are then shared with them throughout the patient’s entire hospitalization eliminating clinical data silos.


Proactive Care Coordination Between Providers and ACOs

Connected ACOs and providers also leverage in-platform messaging tools for proactive, patient specific communication between Care Coordination teams during the stay and while working on discharge plans.

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ACOs have a great need to find truth in data, reduce noise through AI, and build partnerships across the healthcare ecosystem. Discover how Xsolis is focused on using data to foster greater collaboration and shape intelligent healthcare decisions today.