Top 10 Insights from 2017

As healthcare leaders look to position their organizations for success in 2018, we review some of the most useful Xsolis Insights from 2017.

  1. Three Approaches to Innovation in Case Management
    • Case management and utilization review leaders can approach a framework for strategy and innovation in three ways.
  2. Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Health
    • While technology does not replace clinical expertise, healthcare providers must leverage technology to survive and thrive in the future of healthcare.
  3. The Changing Face of Case Management
    • New technologies are poised to play a vital role in the future of case management and utilization review.
  4. An XCHANGE of Ideas
    • Building from the success of the inaugural XCHANGE User Conference, Xsolis CEO Joan Butters shares how ideas and partnerships drive innovation.
  5. Using Technology to Overcome Short Stay Claims
    • Mary Beth Bednarz, Manager of CDI and UR at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital details her success in using the Xsolis platform to reduce short-stay inpatient care.
  6. Maximizing the Impact of Peer-to-Peer Reviews
    • The right data, the right format, and the right approach lay the foundation for a successful peer-to-peer review.
  7. Selling Change: Overcoming the Healthcare Status Quo
    • The journey from skeptic to believer involves three things: setting an authentic tone, offering something real, and delivering on your promises.
  8. Shaping Healthcare’s Future
    • Xsolis CEO Joan Butters shares how healthcare challenges present opportunities for innovation, growth, and progress.
  9. From Analysis to Action: Not all Healthcare Analytics are Created Equal
    • Today’s healthcare leaders are better equipped to improve their organizational profitability with the right type of analytics solution.
  10. Creating Better Healthcare? First, Tackle the Status Quo
    • Xsolis CEO Joan Butters shares how visionaries play a part in transforming industries and breaching the status quo.