Change Begins With You

My jaw drops when I am reminded of starting Xsolis nearly a decade ago. Since then, we’ve moved offices, moved markets, and added well over 200 colleagues and as many hospital partners – these years have formed the bones of a company I couldn’t be prouder of.

Why did I build Xsolis?

There were a couple of things that drove me. Seeing how healthcare was struggling with the same types of problems, repeatedly. Seeing how technology could reshape how we deliver care and deliver outcomes. Seeing how we could get smart people in a room to find and solve root causes of some of the thorniest issues healthcare faces.

When I think about the through line of our organization and our vision for how we can make the biggest change, it’s simple: shaping intelligent decisions.

When we launched serving the denials management space, that interest was rooted in helping hospitals make intelligent determinations on making the money they deserved based on the care they provided.

By serving this market, we quickly found that the root cause of many denials started further up the process; we built the type of healthcare technology infrastructure that could help us work towards supporting more clinicians and healthcare operators. By then we realized that the provider side was only one half of the opportunity: payers were facing the same stilted process, which caused friction, headaches and administrative overhead across the ecosystem. Today, alongside our strategic partners across providers and payers, we have positioned ourselves to build bridges where none existed before and renew relationships where there was friction and dissonance.

As a company, we center ourselves in data – getting beyond the subjectivity and opinion that cripple so many processes. We reduce noise and unwanted variation in how our healthcare partners do their work. And most importantly, we build relationships where none existed before and get beyond the zero-sum thinking that bogs down smarter healthcare.

Why am I writing this blog? It’s because I care about our story – because it’s your story. Each healthcare leader that believes, each leader that tries something new, each leader that is looking for their own solutions and is looking for ways to solve them. As we approach new projects and partnerships, we build on our past to bridge towards a bright future.

We are catalysts for you. We are partners for. We promise to connect, innovate, and deliver value to your patients and members. That change begins with you.

When we are done, healthcare will be better, stronger, and smarter. Together, we are unstoppable.