Citizens Medical Center: Unlocking Efficiency and Collaboration for Case Managers

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, with continued staffing shortages and revenue challenges, optimizing efficiency has become crucial. Renee Dunagan, the Case Management Supervisor for Citizens Medical Center in Victoria, Texas, discovered the transformative power of Xsolis and its CORTEX software, now known as Dragonfly, through a partnership that began over four years ago. 

With more efficiency and improved payer relations, Renee says the most rewarding benefit has been the renewed focus on people. Xsolis’ “human-centered technology,” as she called it, has enabled her case managers to do more rewarding work and has revolutionized their approach to patient care. 

How It All Started: The Need for Efficiency   

Renee and her team at Citizens Medical Center were facing numerous challenges with their previous utilization review platform, prompting the need for a more efficient and comprehensive solution. The introduction of Xsolis and its Dragonfly platform sparked a transformation within the organization. After engaging in extensive demos and gathering input from stakeholders, they were convinced that Xsolis was the way forward. “Our CFO Duane Woods understood Xsolis’ abilities to solve some of our most critical challenges from the get-go,” said Renee. “His partnership has been key to our transformational journey to increase operational efficiency, right-size denials, and revolutionize our payer relationships.” 

One aspect that immediately caught Renee’s attention was the ability of Dragonfly Utilize to enhance her team’s efficiency. The intuitive user interface, use of color-coding, and Xsolis’ proprietary Care Level Score™ (CLS™) empowered her case managers to prioritize their daily tasks effectively. With critical patient information readily available at a glance, they could make informed decisions without spending excessive time navigating through multiple notes and documents in the electronic health record (EHR). As a result, the team gained precious hours that they could dedicate to direct patient care, ensuring better outcomes and improved patient experiences.

“My team is now able to sit at the bedside, talk to that patient, find out what is truly going on with that patient and how they need to move through the care continuum to get to the right place at the right time,” Renee said. “Now my staff can see more patients, but they’re spending more time with the patient instead of in the patient’s chart.”

Addressing misconceptions that AI-driven technologies could create job displacement, Renee emphasizes that Dragonfly enhances their work rather than replacing it. She doubles down on Xsolis’ ability to provide “human-centered AI” because Dragonfly Utilize provides a “good foundation,” guiding case managers while still allowing them to exercise their clinical judgment.

Collaboration with Payers and 10X Improved Relationships 

Xsolis and Dragonfly also facilitated a significant shift in the relationship between Citizens Medical Center and its connected payer, Humana. Through shared, real-time data views, they found improved communication – and a common ground of understanding. Transparent conversations and the ability to analyze objective data together in Dragonfly have improved collaboration and reduced denials because it uses “live data and not from two days ago” like what they experienced previously, according to Renee.

“The ability to make data-driven decisions together with our payers has improved those relationships ten times over,” said Renee.

“We can have those conversations that we once didn’t have at all, and that’s what has improved our payer relationships so much. We can talk about those denials before they get to be a denial.”

Renee now sees its payers in a more positive light, having walked a mile in each other’s shoes, fostering a more constructive and effective relationship.

“This is the future of payer relationships,” Renee said. “I think the way Xsolis’ technology gathers all of the data for more accurate, real-time views of the patient should be the future of how all facilities interact with payers. It makes everybody’s lives so much easier.” 

Client Feedback and a Bright Future

Renee and her team have been active contributors to the development of Xsolis’ ongoing improvements to its Dragonfly platform. The company values client feedback and actively incorporates suggestions from its users. By voicing their needs and desired functionalities, Renee experienced firsthand how Xsolis listened and implemented her requests – translating them into actionable features. This level of collaboration between the company and its clients solidified their sense of being an integral part of the platform’s DNA, resulting in a more tailored solution that caters to their unique requirements.

Looking ahead, Renee appreciates the centralized patient view the platform continues to deliver and predicts it will become even more of a “one-stop-shop solution” that simplifies access to comprehensive patient information, eliminating the need for excessive clicks and navigation. Renee believes this level of accessibility and insight will revolutionize provider-payer interactions, facilitate better decision-making, and improve outcomes for all parties involved. 

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ROI projections are estimates based on similar system information and averages over the first 2 years of utilization. Such ROI projections do not guarantee future results. Actual ROI will vary based on various conditions and factors for each customer, including, but not limited to, client baseline information, best practice utilization of the products, etc.