Xsolis Data Science Leaders Speak at Premiere Data & Analytics Event

As Nashville continues to grow as a hub for applied data science, the region has seen tremendous growth in both innovation and opportunity for the data science community. As part of this community, Xsolis is proud to contribute to innovative healthcare technology locally and nationally: and these contributions wouldn’t be possible without the experts who drive the company’s technology solutions – our data science team. Last week, three of our data science leaders shared their perspectives and insight with attendees at Nashville’s 2020 Analytics Summit.

The two-day virtual conference featured presentations from Jason King, Director of Data Science, Christopher Linzy, Data Scientist and Glenna Dunn, Data Scientist. They highlighted the company’s insight and passion for developing and deploying innovative technology in the healthcare spaceand their own leadership in defining the parameters of what is possible in applied data science for healthcare.

From unlocking the mystery behind “explainable AI” to showing innovative ways to work with large amounts of data to the importance of finding the “why” behind predictive models, these presentations offered attendees a detailed look at how to work with bigger data, how to ask better questions from data, and provide comprehensive explanations that help the way users interact with their models. These three eminent professionals continue to shape not only how Xsolis delivers value to its clients but how Nashville’s renown as a sphere of healthcare innovation grows and expands.

To learn more, watch their full presentations below: 

Glenna Dunn, Efficiently Tuning Topic Models  

Christopher Linzy, Leveraging Domain Knowledge in Data Science 

Jason King, Explaining Machine Learning Predictions