How Xsolis Eases AI Technology Fears

Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Predictive analytics. These terms sound overwhelming if you’re not a data scientist. But, when it comes to Xsolis’ Precision Utilization Management platform, CORTEX, now known as Dragonfly Utilize, Xsolis provides an educational foundation for clients to ensure using the platform is as easy as possible.  


Overcoming Fears

Xsolis recognizes the apprehension clients may feel when they first learn about the Dragonfly [CORTEX] platform. That is perfectly normal.  

Clients are typically on edge because they have to do something different and learn something else,” says Jennifer Grenga, Director of Implementation at Xsolis. “But Dragonfly streamlines their workflows so they can focus on patients who need their attention versus having to go through all the charts. 

Within a week of the implementation process, their minds are at ease,” she continues.

The process of easing client fears about Xsolis’ technology starts before implementationXsolis pairs clients with clinicians at other hospitals who have already implemented the tool. This connection allows them to hear from peers about precisely what to expect during and after implementation. 

“We want to make sure our clients have a counterpart throughout the process,” says Chris Bayham, COO at Xsolis. “We want clients to be able to understand how AI helps in what they do clinically.

The Client Experience

While it is one thing to say the technology is easy to use, it is another to hear from those who went through the Dragonfly implementation process.  

When I first started, I felt like I was in information overload,” says Karri Walde, a utilization review nurse at Whitman Hospital and Medical Center in Colfax, Washington. “But within literally a couple of weeks of using Dragonfly, I was so amazed at how simple it wasI was not born techsavvy, so I can honestly say that it is an intuitive process. And, once you’ve learned the process, it’s so much more efficient, and I can’t stress that enough. 

See how easy Dragonfly technology is for yourself. Schedule a demo today to see this powerful tool in action.