Webinar Recap – A Sea Change at AdventHealth

AdventHealth, a Florida-based health care system with 45 hospitals in 9 states, is in the process of transitioning to Xsolis’ AI-based utilization review platform system-wide. Lynn Leoce, Executive Director at AdventHealth, and Michelle Wyatt, Director of Clinical Best Practices at Xsolis, helped to affect that transition, which they talk about in a webinar, “A Sea Change at AdventHealth.”

Leoce discovered XSOLIS in April 2018 after two of her regional directors attended the American Case Management Association’s national conference, received a demo of the platform, and were impressed at first sight. After returning, they told Leoce, “you need to call Xsolis.” Leoce said “okay” to placate them, but the regional directors said “No, you really need them a call.” After Leoce connected with the Director of Sales, she embarked on a journey of discovery. Some AdventHealth leaders, including the technical support team, met with Sherri Ernst and a medical director from Knoxville, TN-based Covenant Health, a company that was already using XSOLIS, to discuss implementing the XSOLIS program.

From this encounter, Leoce knew she had to learn more and summarily attended XCHANGE, XSOLIS’s user conference, in October 2018. At XCHANGE, she got to speak to numerous other Xsolis users and peers from hospitals looking to adopt the technology. Of XCHANGE, Leoce says “I would recommend that anyone who is considering Xsolis get to XCHANGE, because that probably was the biggest help to me.” Soon after, Leoce and AdventHealth began a partnership with Xsolis that will culminate in a systemwide rollout to be completed by Q2 2020.

Even though Xsolis has made things easier for staff, there’s still a learning curve when fundamentally changing the discipline of utilization review. Leoce describes XSOLIS as a “180-degree change” from previous methods.  “It’s not the type of thing you want to just give instruction to and then walk away” says Leoce. Xsolis has provided effective and extensive support to AdventHealth, as it does for each client, including onsite training and an online learning curriculum. There have also been super user training, physician advisor support, and 1-on-1 training. Early in the process, communication between Xsolis and AdventHealth began in earnest. Michelle Wyatt, Director at Xsolis, says that Xsolis and AdventHealth were “glued at the hip every week” to discuss workflows and to address operations opportunities.

One of the biggest advantages that Xsolis has provided to AdventHealth’s utilization review process is objectivity. According to Wyatt, it will provide standardization across the entire hospital system. Xsolis’ AI-driven Care Level Score™ (CLS) considers the entirety of the patient’s medical information in real-time and translates it into a number between 0 and 157, where anything higher than 75 indicates a likely inpatient. The CLS is used by staff in CORTEX, Xsolis’ UR platform now known as Dragonfly, to prioritize sensitive cases or cases that experience a clinical change that might warrant a change in status. The native “Status Conflict Queue” in Cortex detects whether any outpatients have scores higher than 75 and, if so, alerts the appropriate nurse to ensure that the inpatient conversion occurs; this queue and the CLS itself are considered by Leoce to be the best features of Xsolis analytics.

Xsolis’ predictive analytics improve in accuracy as they receive more information over time. As Leoce says, “The more information you give the tool, the more it learns.” Xsolis analytics also give greater context to clinical conversation and review with payers and has improved AdventHealth’s relationship and outcomes with their payers. Leoce calls it “speaking the same language”.

For AdventHealth, partnering with Xsolis has been a strategic decision, providing standardization and objectivity that takes the guesswork out and contributes to better efficiency, outcomes and satisfaction for the organization.

View our webinar on-demand to hear more.