Xsolis Wins Fierce Healthcare Innovation Award

Today, Xsolis proudly announces that its technology platform, CORTEX, has been selected as the winner of the Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition. CORTEX, now know as Dragonfly, was judged in the category of Financial/Operational Solutions. Dragonfly [CORTEX] offers a new approach to utilization management that harnesses real-time data from the electronic medical record to fuel analytics that are available to both the provider and associated payer, helping guide medical necessity determinations and reframe communication between payer and provider. 

According to Fierce Healthcare’s Innovation Report, “healthcare organizations are seeking new ways to streamline their operations, upgrade legacy systems and increase efficiencies.” Their report finds that “technology solutions like Dragonfly [CORTEX] help streamline processes and reduce administrative expenses. To learn more about the outcomes Xsolis clients see when utilizing Dragonfly, check out our Resources page. 

To read Fierce Healthcare’s announcement or download the Innovation Report, click here.