Hillcrest HealthCare System Partners with XSOLIS for Payer-Connected UM

Xsolis, the company channeling health care data into predictive intelligence and action, today announced that it has partnered with Hillcrest HealthCare System (HHS) for technology-driven utilization review and payer connectivity.

Hillcrest HealthCare System will utilize CORTEX, Xsolis’ technology platform now known as Dragonfly, to increase efficiency and maintain clinical integrity during medical necessity reviews through real-time predictive analytics, and also offer payer partners the opportunity to review and automate case reviews through Dragonfly [CORTEX].

“The importance of efficiency and payer connections have been made even more clear by this pandemic,” said Jeremy Gray, Director of Managed Care for HHS. “Our partnership with Xsolis will allow us to leverage technology and innovation to better care for our patients, better collaborate with our partners, and increase our impact on our community.”

“To paraphrase from our friend Rikki Moye, VP of Case Management at HHS, we are committed to helping HHS bring innovative, non-traditional processes to bear in building a ‘right care’ case management model,” said Joan Butters, CEO and cofounder of Xsolis. “With the exceptional team at HHS dedicated to breaking down silos between provider and payer, we will help them create a new foundation for utilization management.”

About Hillcrest HealthCare System
In 1918, Hillcrest opened its doors to provide hope, health and healing to our community in a small hospital located in the heart of the city. Today, Hillcrest HealthCare System (HHS) is comprised of eight hospitals including Hillcrest Medical Center, Hillcrest Hospital South and Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital in Tulsa, as well as five regional hospitals, Hillcrest Hospital Claremore, Hillcrest Hospital Cushing, Hillcrest Hospital Henryetta, Hillcrest Hospital Pryor and Bailey Medical Center in Owasso. Hillcrest HealthCare System also provides comprehensive primary and specialty care services through Utica Park Clinic and Oklahoma Heart Institute. To learn more, visit www.hillcrest.com.

About Xsolis
Xsolis is a healthcare technology firm focused on improving healthcare operations through cognitive computing. Partnering with some of the most forward-thinking healthcare organizations across the nation, Xsolis transforms the utilization management process between payers and providers; Dragonfly, Xsolis’ technology platform, forms a data-driven framework for neutral, holistic determinations of medical necessity.