Key Articles We Wrote in 2018

With healthcare amidst a sea change, leaders are rethinking their positions on issues that had seemed clear just a few years ago. Leaders from within our organization lent their insight into the market in a series of articles published online by Becker’s Healthcare.

In Becker’s Hospital Review, Xsolis CEO, Joan Butters posed a fundamental question: Can data finally align payers and providers? She proposes we reframe the adversarial mindset many payers and providers have of one another; since friction impacts and impedes each organization, it reduces the effectiveness of the entire system and places greater economic strain across the spectrum. Joan explores how data – used equitably and effectively – can break down silos that exist between payers and providers, leading to a return to healthcare’s grander purpose: caring for and healing those in need.

In Becker’s Health IT & CIO Report, Michelle Wyatt shared her experience leading nurses through today’s digital ecosystem in an article entitled Nursing in the digital age. Michelle, Director of Clinical Best Practices at Xsolis, works with organizations across the nation who find technology adoption difficult – not because their staffs aren’t willing to learn, but because they haven’t put in place the training and support infrastructure that will prime their teams to succeed. Michelle advocates for a personalized approach to technology, asking leaders to be deliberate and active in equipping their nurses with the skills, confidence and technology that will enable them to thrive.

Also in Becker’s Health IT & CIO Report, Xsolis’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Heather Bassett, proposes revisiting utilization management through the lens of analytics and artificial intelligence. In an earlier webinar in which she co-presented alongside Dr. Jason King, Dr. Bassett finds that technologies – like artificial intelligence and predictive analytics – have matured to the point where they are well within the realm of adoption by mainstream healthcare payers and providers. Within Utilization Review and case management, the opportunity to decisively make accurate Level of Care determinations while minimizing denial risk is just the tip of the iceberg; healthcare organizations are beginning to see the potential to do more, dream bigger and create a more frictionless system for all.

As we enter 2019, our team will continue to lend their voices to advocate for change and to ensure that opportunities aren’t overlooked.