Selling Change: Overcoming the Healthcare Status Quo

When I walk into introductory meetings I conduct with hospital executives, I open our presentation with a single statement: “Today, I have the privilege of showing you something you have never seen before.

Inevitably, arms cross and eyes roll. Yet without fail, by the time I walk out the door the skepticism has abated, minds that were hesitant have been convinced, and people understand that a paradigm shift is underway.

My bold statement and the resulting attitude shift are made possible by one factor: the fact that Xsolis uses Predictive Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to reduce revenue risk for hospitals and billing mishaps for patients, an approach unique in the healthcare industry. However, the journey from skeptic to believer is due in large part to three fundamentals that each sales professional, regardless of industry, should adhere to: setting an authentic tone, offering something real, and most importantly, delivering on promises.

Set an authentic tone

There’s a certain emotional certainty that all sales professionals exhibit, regardless of their ability to deliver a solution that truly is transformative. However, the technology our organization provides not only is revolutionary in complexity, it’s inherently simple in its approach – it allows healthcare providers to maintain or improve their financial stability, while enabling them to continue providing top quality care to their patients.

Healthcare impacts us all at one point or another during our lifetimes. Therefore, the ultimate beneficiary of the change we bring is each patient who crosses a provider’s threshold – not to mention their network of family, friends and loved ones.

Offer something real

In my experience, healthcare professionals are mission-oriented and people-focused. Although our solutions positively impact the financial outcomes that keep hospital execs up at night, part of our real value lies in the way we think about a relatively niche part of the hospital – case management and utilization review. We recognize the value these often-underappreciated clinical experts lend to their respective institutions and we seek to promote them as a force for change within their organizations.

Another theme that continues to resonate with those I speak to is the idea that healthcare change is both possible and meaningful. Many leaders recognize that just because something has been done the same way for decades doesn’t mean that it should be done that way in the future – and the transition towards value has only increased this open mindset. A corporate vision of change, coupled with engaged users who see not only the value to their daily workflow but the direct impact on those they serve, garner us vocal advocates among our customer base.

Deliver on your promises

In a recent quarterly review conducted at his facility, the Chief Medical Officer for one of our clients noted that Xsolis is “one of the few vendors that has actually gone above and beyond what [we] promised.” Not only is this heartening for me to hear as a sales professional, but it underscores the commitment our entire organization has to bridging silos within the healthcare industry. I firmly believe that the authenticity you project is a direct result of the trust you have in your product and your organization’s ability to deliver.

The vocal advocates I mentioned wouldn’t praise us if we didn’t do what we said we would, nor would they lend their time and voices tirelessly to help us spread our impact to other organizations. Their commitment to us reflects our commitment to them – delivering an exceptional product that enables them to be the heroes and change-makers within their organization, and ultimately the first adopters of a solution that promises to change the way hospitals approach their operational challenges.

Predictive Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning promise to catalyze the greatest evolution within the healthcare landscape in decades, the benefits of which will be shared by both patients and providers. As I walk out of each meeting, I’m heartened by the transformation we create – we are laying the foundation for better and brighter healthcare delivery.