Tackling the ‘New Normal’

COVID-19 is having a profound effect on many, both personally and professionally. 

Our sorrows are shared with all those whose health has been directly or indirectly affected by this global pandemic. And we are eternally grateful for the brave men and women of hospitals, nursing facilities, and other healthcare providers as they work tirelessly and selflessly to care for those in need.

As we forge a path forward together, Xsolis is working to listen, evolve, and deliver on hospitals’ needs in several ways:

Keeping your needs supported

Our organization has been at heightened operational capacity throughout this challenging period and continues to provide intelligence into Utilization Review and Case Management for our clients. Our hospital partners in New York and beyond have “utilized CORTEX, now known as Dragonfly to identify acute inpatient cases” as well as “identify those at or near discharge” to better manage their capacity. The value Dragonfly drives in terms of revenue integrity is more important than ever for our clients (“every dollar counts right now”) and we take this responsibility seriously. All our departments, including data science, support, and reporting, are operating at full strength to provide round the clock insight and technical support. We have a robust set of systems and processes in place that enable virtually our entire team of employees to work remotely.

Additionally, one of our largest initiatives – connecting payers and providers with Dragonfly as a shared platform for utilization management – has accelerated drastically during this pandemic, with connections between payer and providers now extending across the nation, with more to come.

Protecting your new reality

As staffing challenges continue to arise, Dragonfly helps in two major ways: enabling remote work for staff and improving the efficiency of the staff you have in place. As a TX-based client shared: “With the decrease in patient census, my staff is now flexing schedules – Dragonfly has made that reduction in staff easier to deal with the influx in testing requirements, having to send more testing results as well as more referrals and ensuring that the insurance companies have the most up to date and complete information. Having this all in one located has decreased the amount of time spent trying to gather all of the info.”

The transition to remote work is similarly crucial. To support this transition, we are offering tools and resources that we hope can be helpful:

  • We have published a Cortex Preparedness Manual which lists best practices to help your facility remain prepared for COVID-19. This advice includes operating practices and technology recommendations, as well as specific capabilities within our reporting packages that support remote working and tracking the effect COVID-19 has on client facilities.
  • Our recent webinar highlighted a client, Beacon Health System, that has successfully implemented a remote UR workforce – a process which started prior to this year but became crucial in the past few months. 

Sharing real-time information

We are continuously updating our site to help you stay safe, and to keep you fully informed on the latest insights in the healthcare community. Some of our other efforts in assisting our clients include:

  • Tracking and updating COVID-19 reporting. These reports give hospitals insight on how COVID-19 has impacted their Obs rate, Length of Stay and other key metrics.
  • Communicating with Utilization Review and Case Management staff on a monthly basis for open collaboration to help take on pandemic-related threats.

Each of us here at Xsolis is here to support you. We plan to continue to introduce new initiatives to help you stay better connected to your facility, staff, and patients so stay tuned to our communications channels for the latest information.  If there is anything we can do to help you or support you during these challenging times, please don’t hesitate to contact us at insights@xsolis.com.

Stay safe and stay healthy.