THA Solutions Group & Xsolis Offer Real-Time Predictive Analytics to Tennessee Hospitals

Xsolis, the company channeling healthcare data into predictive intelligence and action, today announced that it has been selected by THA Solutions Group as their sole preferred provider of real-time predictive analytics for case management and utilization review for its hospital members.

Xsolis eliminates inconsistency during case review through its unbiased real-time predictive analytics, which offers a neutral and objective foundation for collaboration and consistency between payers and providers. With XSOLIS analytics forming the source of truth between hospitals and insurers, utilization management can be undertaken through a ‘by-exception’ model – reducing duplicative effort and heightening productivity for each organization. Xsolis’ technology has a significant impact on key financial metrics for hospitals, including decreasing patient length of stay, appropriately reducing observation rates, and reducing short stays.

“Innovation starts with action,” says Jim Goodloe, Senior Vice President for THA Solutions Group. “Xsolis offers hospitals the opportunity to take a proactive approach to reducing revenue risk and improving compliance. We are confident the value Xsolis provides their nationwide client base can be magnified by partnering with THA and our member hospitals.”

“Using cognitive computing to improve operations and overcome inefficiencies is a novel approach for the healthcare industry. We are thrilled that the THA Solutions Group recognizes the novel value we offer to their member hospitals,” said Joan Butters, CEO and co-founder of Xsolis. “As a Nashville-based and founded organization, our partnership with the Tennessee Hospital Association’s Solutions Group underscores our commitment to Tennessee’s healthcare community.”

About THA Solutions Group

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Tennessee Hospital Association, THA Solutions Group’s primary focus is driving value to Tennessee’s hospitals by improving members’ operational effectiveness and financial margin. THA Solutions Group also supports THA members through programs and partnerships which deliver high value. It offers approximately 25 professional programs on a fee-for-service basis, with a strong emphasis on hospital margin improvement. Each program is given careful attention, before and after selection. Before any program is adopted or built by THASG, approval must be granted by the THASG Board of Directors. For more information, visit

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