Thinking Sideways: A First Step Towards Innovation in 2021

“This isn’t the 1990’s anymore. So why is case management still functioning the same way they did 20 years ago?

That’s the question Rikki Moye, Vice President of Case Management at Hillcrest HealthCare Systems in Tulsa, Oklahoma, not only asks but answers in her upcoming live webinar: Thinking Sideways: The Innovation of “The Right Care” Case Management Model. 

“Case management has to move past the manual, labor-intensive, human error-prone processes of 20 years ago and enter 2021 to catch up to the rest of the healthcare industry,” she says. 

While trying to find a better way for case management models to work is a big task to tackle, sometimes one simple act can be the catalyst to the change you need. For Rikki, that act was putting her head on her desk out of frustration over the continuous struggle dealing with inefficient processes due to siloed communication. 

While her head laid on its side, a lightbulb went off – What if we turned the triad model sideways?  That single thought was the start of a seismic shift that has changed how case management works inside Rikki’s department and healthcare system.  

It’s called The Right Care Model 

Join our webinar and find out how she led the way in putting her idea into action and how she has inspired so many others to innovate ways to overcome their obstacles, big or small 

“Case management has to get out of the typical kick-the-candown, same outcome mindset,” she says. “We have to move into the 21st Century with artificial intelligence and support systems, like XSOLIS, as the rest of medicine has done. It’s critical as we enter 2021.” 

If you’re ready to take the first step toward a new innovative mindset for 2021, register for our webinar today!