Top Five Articles from 2019

As we enter 2020, we’re highlighting the most relevant Xsolis Insights features from 2019. Click the titles below to access each feature.

  1. The Future of Utilization Management – Q&A with Michelle Wyatt
    Michelle Wyatt, director of clinical best practices at Xsolis, talks the evolution of the case management/UM models, the advent of the physician advisor and how Artificial Intelligence will reshape utilization management. 
  2. Utilization Management Made ‘Relevant
    Michelle Allen, director of case management at Springhill Medical Center, discusses how technology has put her team “on the cutting edge with machine learning and artificial intelligence” making them “very relevant within our organization… and with our payers as well.”
  3. Payers and Providers: Creating Alignment at Covenant Health
    Sherri Ernst and the Covenant Health team are currently working together in CORTEX, Xsolis’ technology platform now known as Dragonfly Utilize, with a national payer – payer staff review and approve cases escalated to them by Covenant Health on a daily basis.
  4. UM by Exception at Atrium Health: Medicare & Beyond
    Atrium Health is using predictive analytics to automate an entire body of “clear inpatient” case reviews across a subset of payers, allowing their staff to refocus their time towards top of license tasks and managing patient care.
  5. Artificial Intelligence & Change Management – Technology ‘Puts the Nurse Back in the Driver’s Seat’
    Lynn Leoce, Executive Director at AdventHealth, and Michelle Wyatt explored the process of embracing technology, using the backdrop of AdventHealth’s partnership with Xsolis.