Unified at XCHANGE Summit 2019

Last week, 100+ leaders in case management and utilization review converged in Nashville for three days of conversation and collaboration at the third annual XCHANGE Summit. As I gazed around the room, the leaders gathered in the main hall represented more than just a conference: they represented a movement.

This year’s theme was Unify: unifying those within the four walls of our conference hall, unifying technology with clinicians in hospitals nationwide, unifying payers with providers within ever-increasing collaborative networks. Topics ranged from interoperability to population health and touched on one of the biggest opportunities we have in healthcare today: unifying the before, the during, the after of patient care. Healthcare is human care.

The Summit was a chance to learn from each person in the room: how they lead their teams, how they support their organizations, how they approach the challenges that keep them up at night. I saw leaders passionate about changing utilization review from administration to action, providers and a national payer take the stage together, and a bright enthusiasm that spread past our parting words.

As the conference opened, I shared a quote by Pamela Peck with the group: “the point is not to separate the opposites…but rather to unify the opposites by discovering a place…that transcends and encompasses them both.” That unification can only happen when leaders like the 100+ folks in the room last week come together to affect chance. I’m proud to have been a part of the XCHANGE.

This blog is part of an ongoing recap of our user summit, XCHANGE 2019.