Welcome to the New Xsolis!

For the past decade, Xsolis has been creating a more efficient healthcare system by harnessing the power of data, AI, and best-in-category solutions developed to empower efficient workflows. We are committed to ensuring our brand represents our mission to minimize friction, waste, and delays in healthcare for the benefit of providers, health plans, and patients. 

Xsolis was founded in August 2013 to “X-out” the data silos that exist in healthcare (our name is X + silos in reverse). As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary and launch our new platform, it’s timely to refresh the Xsolis brand. To celebrate our accomplishments and usher in a new era for the company, we are thrilled to debut our new brand and improved core platform, which has been in the works for more than a year. Our brand refresh includes a new logo, an updated website, new brand colors, and improvements in features and functionalities to better reflect who we are and where we are going as an organization.

The New Xsolis Brand

A primary benefit of the new Xsolis brand is more concise and compelling communication of our value to all our stakeholders. The updated branding also more effectively highlights our distinctive positioning, innovative solutions, and unique value through a sophisticated and modern design. Additionally, the new Xsolis brand personality is intentionally aligned with our vision, mission, and values, including:   

  • Team First 
  • Client Passionate 
  • Always Curious
  • Deliver Excellence 

How Far We’ve Come 

As an industry leader in the application of AI, Xsolis has a remarkable data set and track record on which we’ve built our models thus far with:

  • 10+ years of AI and machine learning experience 
  • 2.5+ billion predictions 
  • The full scope of clinical data on nearly a quarter of a billion unique encounters and >20 million inpatient encounters  
  • Working with 350+ hospitals and health systems.  
  • Connections with 365+ payers across 16 health plans   
  • 40 nurses, 30 physicians, and 14 data scientists on staff  

The Power of Our Platform 

Throughout the entire episode of care, Xsolis solutions focus on “getting it right” by leveraging insights from AI and machine learning within provider and health plan workflows. These insights enable optimal outcomes for by streamlining essential functions including case management, care coordination, and utilization review (UR).  Consistent with our mission, the value of our capabilities is enhanced through proactive engagement of health plans within our collaboration platform. 
To accomplish this, our platform synthesizes clinical and financial data from the EMR to create a real-time clinical profile of the patient. Through machine learning, Xsolis’ AI continuously evaluates medical necessity against a vast database of relevant cases. By recognizing clinical patterns, our AI generates highly precise predictive analytics that determine the level and setting of care that is most appropriate for the patient. The AI system handles the administrative tasks, so caregivers can focus more on providing attentive patient care.   

Updates to Our Core AI-Driven Platform 

Our teams went through an extensive process to update our core platform, formerly CORTEX, which is now Dragonfly. Through an updated, enhanced UI, the Dragonfly platform creates additional efficiencies and further breaks down the silos between providers and health plans, further honing in on our namesake by “X-ing” out silos to create a better path forward. As a demonstration of our commitment to our clients.  

Why Dragonfly?  

  • Dragonflies can see a full 360 degrees around them: 
    • Our core platform provides a 360-degree view of each patient, making it easy for users to know which patients need their immediate attention without having to dig through volumes of patient data. 
  • Dragonflies see much faster than humans do; they see around 200 images per second.
    • Our platform quickly analyzes all patient data from the EMR in real time with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help with objective decision-making.
  • Dragonflies can see ultraviolet (UV) light, unlike humans, and they’re able to see patterns in the sky that show directions, making water surfaces highly visible.
    • Our platform and our proprietary Care Level ScoreTM (CLS TM) allow providers and health plans to discern which cases need to be handled immediately so they can focus on the right cases at the right time using predictive analytics and machine learning. 

Our extensive process to update our core platform incorporated feedback from current clients and analyses of user data. With the Dragonfly platform, users will have access to enhanced capabilities, including:    

  • Improved User Experience  
  • Support for Additional AI-Driven Models to Increase Value for Health Plans and Providers  
  • Faster Delivery of Innovation  
  • Opportunity for Enhanced Integrations  

Drawing inspiration from the agility and transformative symbolism of dragonflies, Xsolis’ Dragonfly platform empowers providers and health plans to focus on patients instead of on administrative functions. By embracing these characteristics, we enable a more seamless and frictionless healthcare system that benefits everyone involved. 

Learn more about how the Dragonfly platform can empower and enable your team with a full 360-degree view of each patient by contacting us today.