Women’s History Month at Xsolis

Women’s History Month in March marks an interesting time for reflection at XSOLIS, because it has successfully recruited and retained women to compromise over 50% of its workforce, despite women being underrepresented across technology and health IT industries. How?

“I believe XSOLIS recognizes and elevates the talents of women in our business and in our industry, and this has attracted so many bright and capable women to our company,” said CEO Joan Butters, who also co-founded the company in 2013. “I am proud that XSOLIS continues to be an organization where I see women thrive every day.”

XSOLIS featured four different women from our team during a March interview series, made available to employees to connect and inspire. Below are excerpts from their interviews:

Evon Wood, Executive Assistant of Operations, on what it’s like to work at XSOLIS:

“XSOLIS genuinely promotes a culture of inclusiveness and support, including transparency and open communication throughout the organization … I can have a positive impact on everyone I encounter. And I can leave a legacy.”

VP of People Management, Laura Strausberg, on the influence of her mother, Susan, who was founder and CEO of a company that went public in the 90s: 

“[B]ecause I had a role model, it never entered my mind that I couldn’t do anything I wanted.”

Kristen Howton, Software Engineer II, on transitioning to a software development career after 15 years as a behavior therapist; and her grandmother’s influence on her career:

“Software development allowed me to combine my passion for working with others in a team environment and solving problems using logic. I realized that a career in technology combined my passions for helping others and creating things. … A woman who helped shape who I am today is my grandmother, Pauline. She always pushed me and my brothers to pursue our dreams and she believed in us.”

Cassie Fleming, VP of Product Services, on what it’s like to work at XSOLIS:

“Women in business, we do face different obstacles … (but) here at XSOLIS, that’s not the case. The number of women in leadership positions and across our teams helps, and it feels like an easier environment to be in and to succeed in.”

Thank you to all of our colleagues for your hard work and dedication to XSOLIS, where we are helping customers transform their financial and operational models with AI-driven technology … and where each of us has a perspective to learn from and appreciate. #BetterTogether #WomensHistoryMonth #healthcareIT