Harnessing the Transformative Power of the Xsolis Platform

Citizens Medical Center

Around four years ago, Renee Dunagan, Case Management Manager at Citizens Medical Center knew she needed a utilization review partner she could trust. Renee’s team, a dyad workforce responsible for both utilization review and discharge planning, was using a standalone care management module that interfaced with their EHR. Their software partner was preventing her team from effectively managing their patients throughout their hospital stay.  

Increasing the Case Management Team’s Efficiency

With the amount of work that Renee’s team is responsible for, one reason the Xsolis platform is extremely beneficial to Renee is because of how the platform increases her team’s efficiency. Helping her team to quickly determine appropriate patient statuses, the Xsolis platform provides an intuitive user interface, the use of color coding, and the Xsolis proprietary Care Level Score™ (CLS™). The Xsolis platform allows Renee’s team to dedicate more time to direct patient care, leading to better outcomes and an improved patient experience.  

Ensuring Each Patient Gets to the Right Place at the Right Time

Renee knew the importance of getting patient statuses right from the beginning, not only to ensure that each patient gets the care they need, but also to help prevent future denials. The Xsolis platform provides Renee’s team with critical patient information immediately, allowing them to make informed decisions without wasting valuable time digging through multiple notes and documents in the EHR. Utilizing the Xsolis platform, from August 2022 to August 2023, Citizens Medical Center experienced: 

  • A 32% decrease in their observation rate (from 28.7% to 19.6%) from August 2022 to August 2023
  • A 43% decrease in their average length of stay (LOS) (from 4.4 to 2.5) from August 2022 to August 2023

Fostering A Partnership Built to Last 

Renee appreciates the level of collaboration that the Xsolis Dragonfly platform enables as her team actively contributes to ongoing improvements to the platform. Xsolis partners with Renee’s team, listening to Renee’s needs, implementing her requests, and translating them into actionable features. This level of collaboration between them has allowed Citizens Medical Center to integrate their requirements into the platform, resulting in a more customized solution that meets all of their needs

Renee’s team has not only found a collaborative platform that meets their needs, but they also experienced an 11.2X return on investment (ROI) for a total of almost $1.86 million between September 2022 and August 2023.

Xsolis not only changes the way we see and think about utilization management, but it also increases our awareness of our clinical environment. Any hospital I talk to, I suggest Xsolis… Period.”
– Renee Dunagan, Care Management Manager



ROI projections are estimates based on similar system information and averages over the first 2 years of utilization. Such ROI projections do not guarantee future results. Actual ROI will vary based on various conditions and factors for each customer, including, but not limited to, client baseline information, best practice utilization of the products, etc.