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Case Study: MultiCare Health System



A premier provider in the Pacific Northwest, MultiCare Health System boasts industry leading Physician Advisor and Utilization Review teams.

After years of working with their previous Physician Advisor services company, in 2016, MultiCare Health System decided to consider switching to a new vendor. Several needs prompted this search, including customer service changes, response timeframes, inconsistent outcomes and quality, prolonged appeals, and the need for increased oversight.

After detailed analysis and thoughtful consideration, MultiCare Health System partnered with XSOLIS for Utilization Management (UM) technology and Physician Advisor Services.


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Not only have we transformed our Physician Advisor model, but XSOLIS has changed the way we view Utilization Management.”

Debbie Schardt,  Director of Revenue Cycle and Utilization Management, MultiCare Health System

XSOLIS Physician Advisory Services

MultiCare Case Study

The XSOLIS Physician Advisor team appeals every case with clinical merit that supports an inpatient status, removing bias from the process and lending integrity to the defense.