CORTEX® - The Precision Healthcare Utilization Management Platform

A new category of utilization management software, CORTEX provides a 360° approach to addressing the intricacies of utilization management and revenue cycle processes.

Powered by a real-time predictive analytics and machine learning engine, CORTEX ensures that the right cases are handled at the right time, by the right staff or by exception.

Laptop with CORTEX, the Precision Healthcare Utilization Management Platform

Beyond the EMR: Gain real-time clinical insight into each patient's unique case

CORTEX interfaces directly with the provider EMR to gain a holistic view of your patient; labs, vitals, progress notes, documentation, and more are all incorporated into our analytics, giving your staff the confidence they need to make the right medical necessity determination. All major EMRs are supported.

Analytics of CORTEX in action demonstrating the Precision Healthcare Utilization Management Platform

Beyond Criteria: An evidence-based, AI-bolstered approach to clinical merit

CORTEX incorporates precision medicine upon a foundation of evidence-based medicine. Machine learning models operate in real time to better assess your patient population. Our analytics have been deployed in hospitals and health plans across the nation.

Health trends in CORTEX, the Precision Healthcare Utilization Management Platform

Beyond Friction: Focus clinical resources on the most sensitive cases, automate clear determinations

With clear inpatient cases, CORTEX does the heavy lifting by automating inpatient determinations on cases that meet your unique threshold. For difficult cases, CORTEX offers your staff the insight they need to make a strong determination. This approach offers incredible value to payer and provider alike.

Precision Healthcare Utilization Management

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