Utilization Review: A Sweet Success Story

Virtual Open House 

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Providers shouldn’t be left guessing with “check-the-box” criteria to get the Payer reimbursement they need.

When it comes to utilization review and navigating the many friction points between Payers and Providers … there is a much sweeter solution available. 

Mary Beth Mitchell with Doylestown Health shares how to move utilization review from an often frustrating, subjective process to an objective one. As Doylestown’s Senior Executive Director of Care Transformation Strategies, she shares lessons learned and benefits gained from implementing new tools and processes – increased staff efficiency, decreased medical necessity denials, and more.

XSOLIS’ Senior Clinical Consultant Patty Dietz moderates a group discussion as Mary Beth explains how – and where – her team has transformed their UR processes the most.  

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Mary Beth Mitchell

Senior Executive Director, Care Transformation Strategies

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Patty Dietz

Senior Clinical Consultant