Monitor and Coordinate Care for ACO Members and ACO REACH Enrollees Throughout the Continuum

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and other Value-Based Care (VBC) entities are responsible and incentivized for providing their shared patients with high-quality coordinated care across the continuum.  With existing clinical data silos and unintentional lack of collaboration between providers and ACOs, high-quality coordinated care can be challenging to organize and costly if not managed properly with heavy penalties for patient readmissions.

XSOLIS enables ACOs and other Value-Based Care (VBC) entities to better manage their shared patient population with actionable, real-time workflow solutions and a national provider network of hospitals and health systems. With these additions, ACOs are now proactively working together with providers for high-quality coordinated care from patient presentation to discharge.


Prioritize Care Over Dealing with Inefficient Processes

  • Real-time identification of population of attributed membership to ACOs upon patient presentment in XSOLIS’ provider network including ACO REACH enrollees
  • Clinical data sharing with patient insights, including acuity, wellness, notes, medications, and orders, to ACOs throughout hospitalization  
  • In-platform messaging between connected ACOs and providers for proactive, secure patient-specific communication 
  • Increases opportunities to improve quality of care and reduces readmissions by allowing providers and ACOs to work collaboratively from presentation to discharge  
  • Reduces acute healthcare service utilization with real-time clinical data sharing and collaboration between providers and ACOs  
  • Improves patient experience as measured by the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey through better coordinated care amongst providers and ACOs utilizing full program benefits on behalf of the patient, such as waivers for Skilled Nursing Facility authorizations 
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ACOs have a great need to find truth in data, reduce noise through AI, and build partnerships across the healthcare ecosystem. Discover how XSOLIS is focused on using data to foster greater collaboration and shape intelligent healthcare decisions today.