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A new standard has been set for communication and alignment across two key stakeholders in healthcare: providers and payers. The Xsolis approach leverages artificial intelligence, proven machine learning, and data science capabilities to automate and streamline decision-making throughout the care continuum. By facilitating the sharing of data and actionable insights, providers and payers utilizing our solutions reduce friction and achieve optimal outcomes.

What Is Dragonfly?

Nimble, efficient, ​inspiring. The Dragonfly platform delivers a 360-degree view of the patient along with actionable insights and purpose-built workflows, taking staff productivity and provider-payer collaboration to new heights.​​

Hospitals and Health Systems

Reduce your team’s administrative burden and increase staff productivity through human-centered AI. Streamline and automate repetitive, non-clinical tasks by using analysis of patient data from the EMR. Better manage length of stay, mitigate denial risk, and ensure proper reimbursement — all on one platform.​​

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​​​Health Plans, Accountable Care Organizations, and More

Experience accelerated decision-making and increased collaboration with your connected providers, ensuring the member is in the right place at the right time.

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Leverage data, insights and workflows to ensure the patient and member is in the right place at the right time. Improve operational efficiencies, reduce friction in the claims process, and strengthen inter-departmental communication – ultimately making life easier for your case managers, utilization managers and physician advisors.

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Frictionless ​​Payer-Provider Collaboration

Insightful, AI-driven solutions give providers and payers ​a shared view of real-time data to improve communication, accelerate alignment and automate redundant, administrative tasks.​​

Objective AI Power

Industry-leading predictive analytics continuously assess the appropriate level of care for every patient leading to faster decisions, greater consistency, and improved accuracy.

People-Centered Intelligence

Elevate your processes and enable your professionals ​​to​ ​better utilize their clinical expertise.

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