An XCHANGE of Ideas


Last week our team had the privilege of hosting clinical leaders and healthcare innovators from across the nation for our inaugural user conference, XCHANGE 2017. This two-day event was an opportunity to collaborate, learn, and exchange ideas on topics ranging from value-based care to the future uses of technology within healthcare, culminating in keynote sessions by two of the most insightful case management professionals in the industry.

In addition to forming even closer bonds with our partners, this event offered me an opportunity to reflect on our growth as a company and to gather feedback on future growth avenues from those who have helped us achieve what we have thus far. When I founded XSOLIS in 2013, little did I know the pivots we’d embrace, the expansion we’d undertake or the impact we’d have in just four short years. Our mission to provide a data-driven approach to the challenges hospitals face from compliance and regulatory issues began by offering an initial technology service that enabled providers to manage and arbitrate claims more easily. However, through feedback from some of the very same innovators in the room last week and after careful evaluation, we realized there was a huge gap in the market for a vendor who could address and prevent revenue loss before it happened.

This opportunity required expanding our family to engage technology professionals at the forefront of healthcare innovation: now, comprehensive data science underpins the artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning technologies that drive our clients’ success.

Jan Trevillian and Joan Butters XSOLISThis organizational transformation from solution provider to technological innovator has been a journey, wholly made possible by partners who believed in us every step of the way. I was proud to honor one of these innovators, Jan Trevillian of Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, as an Xsolis Ambassador, celebrating her dedication to our cause and recognizing her importance to the Xsolis family. Jan personifies the type of partner and first adopter any organization would be proud to have – forward-thinking, always ready with ideas and constructive criticism, and an unflinching advocate for better healthcare through technology.

As a company, the continuous feedback loop and idea exchange that partners like Jan have so willingly engaged us in have allowed us to capitalize on opportunities that would have otherwise been lost. My experience has proven time and again that receptivity and collaboration form the backbone of innovation, but a lack of understanding stifles transformation – I encourage any leader, from the top of the org chart to the bottom, to fully embrace frank discussions and foster continued dialogue with clients, users and those they serve.