Xsolis Implementation: A Seamless Experience

You’ve experienced a demo, your team is ready to transform the utilization management process with Xsolis technology, and your contract is signed. Now comes the rewarding next step along the Xsolis journey – your implementation process. 

The idea of implementing new technology can be intimidating, but rest assured, the Xsolis implementation process is one of the most seamless you’ll experience.  

The Xsolis team are experts at implementation.

“Implementing a new system is scary; do not let that hold you back because the Xsolis team are experts at implementation and will walk you through every step of the process,” says Rita Regan, VP of Quality and Care Management for Mount Sinai South Nassau. 

Here is a look at the implementation journey and how the Xsolis team will help your team every step of the way… and beyond. 


The Implementation Journey 

Many plans have already been put into place before the implementation process even begins. Team members from both sides know precisely how the next few months will go, and a collection of stakeholders is ready to go. 

This is the way it’s supposed to happen. 

“Xsolis was the most seamless, finest implementation our CIO had ever experienced in his life,” shared Rita. “There was just such collaboration. In the words of my CIO: This is the way it’s supposed to happen.” 

Here are the 5 phases of the Xsolis implementation process.  

1. The Kickoff Call 

The first step: The Xsolis sales team introduces you and your staff to our implementation and training team.   

During this call, the teams: 

  • Set project intentions and expectations 
  • Ask and answer questions  
  • Begin working together towards common goals and deadlines  

Also, teams share a full project breakdown during the call so everyone clearly understands where they’re going — together.  

2. Integrations and Implementation  

Xsolis’ project manager and integrations team work closely with your project champion and IT team to ensure every “i” is dotted, and “t” is crossed seamlessly before the go-live date. This is the time when HL7 feeds are set up and start firing, security is layered on, and both IT organizations ensure that data is flowing continuously and correctly. 

3. Training

Several weeks before go-live, online learning courses are made available for your staff that cover Dragonfly essentials. Specific sessions are scheduled for different users: UR nurses, administrative staff, case managers, physician advisors, and more. 

4. Going Live

The week of client go-live, Xsolis team members are on hand for continued training, Q&As, and 1:1 sessions for the client’s team.  These sessions ensure that all questions are answered, all problems are resolved, and immediate confidence is felt across your staff. 

5. Continued Support

Go-live is not the end of the Xsolis journey. The support continues between Xsolis and clients throughout the partnership.    

“Once they implement, they don’t leave you behind,” says Samantha Longenbaugh, Network Director of Utilization Management at HonorHealth. “We remain on weekly calls, and they’re open to all enhancements.”  

Easing Fears 

While the idea of implementing a new system based on machine learning and artificial intelligence can seem overwhelming, the Xsolis process makes it seem easy.    

First and foremost, clients don’t need to worry about if the solution will work for them – hospitals across the nation have utilized Dragonfly and reaped the benefits. The technology is flexible to your team, your organization and your situation – it’s your process, supported by technology. 

Second, the roadmap and tool kits provided during the implementation process ensure everyone is on the same page. Xsolis is dedicated to going above and beyond to make sure there are no surprises, and teams feel like they have the knowledge they need to use the platform to its full potential.   

Lastly, the Xsolis organization prides itself on being customer-obsessed and will go to any lengths to make sure clients are not only comfortable with the platform, but successful as well.  

This has definitely been the best implementation best vendor to work with.

“I’ve been through so many implementations of other tools,” says Samantha “This has definitely been the best implementation [and] best vendor to work with.” 

Getting Started  

Are you ready to transform your UR process? The best place to start is with a showcase of the Dragonfly platform. Schedule a no-hassle, obligation-free demo here; let’s get your journey underway.