Increased Efficiency: UM Leaders’ Perspectives on Dragonfly

Xsolis asked its clients how CORTEX, now known as Dragonfly, changed the way they worked. The answer was the same across the board – increased efficiency. 

Before implementing the utilization management platform, these hospital leaders experienced administrative headaches in their utilization management processes, costing them time and money. The Dragonfly platform allows UM teams to streamline their workflow and focus on the patients who need their attention first, versus having to go through every single chart manually.  

How is this done? Let’s allow the clients to explain in their own words. 



“The biggest change that we’ve noticed is the efficiency around getting the different jobs done. The system is so intuitive and set up to teach you from the beginning where you should be focusing your day. That efficiency around it has changed a lot of how we’re flowing.”

-Rikki Moye, VP of Case ManagementHillcrest HealthCare System, Tulsa, OK

“[CORTEX] Dragonfly has helped our efficiency tremendously. We aren’t hunting and pecking and trying to find a box, trying to find things in the chart. Things flow over directly from the chart into the platform. Then, with the Care Level Score (CLS), we’ll see the patient status recommendation, in real-time, for inpatient or observation.”

-Jan Trevillian, Director of Care Management, Chesapeake Regional Healthcare, Chesapeake, VA 

“Xsolis has really helped us standardize our internal workflows, our standards of work, every day. I had no way in my current EMR system to prioritize my cases. With Xsolis, suddenly, I had a prioritization tool. And the team, they loved that. That’s what sold it to my team knowing they could come in, find those cases, and work and address those cases right away.”

-Samantha Longenbaugh, Network Director UM, HonorHealth, Phoenix, AZ 

“As a leader, I think my excitement comes with the Dragonfly dashboard. For the staff it’s also the dashboard because then they can set their priorities for the day. Historically, UM was an all or nothing type of job or process meaning we really wanted to touch every case, every day without knowing which cases were a top priority. The platform itself helps us develop that priority list in the morning, and it helps us reprioritize our day with a real-time feed.   

It works so much better for our nurses and I think they feel engaged and much happier about having that balance. They’re not leaving at the end of the day thinking there’s so much more they could’ve done because now they’re doing it.”

 –Debbie Schardt, Exec. Dir. of Revenue Cycle and UMMultiCare Health System, Tacoma, WA 

Are you looking for a better way?   

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