Xsolis COO Shares How Future Innovation Begins with Customers

Customer focus: its not just an Xsolis value; it’s the entire business.

Customers – our payer and provider partners – drive everything Xsolis does – from sales to products to developing technology. That dedication to client success attracted Chief Operating Officer Chris Bayham to join the team in August 2020.   

“I love what this company is doing,” Chris says. “We have a best-in-class product that focuses on leveraging artificial intelligence as the solution for utilization review frustrationsWhen I met the people behind Xsolis, I witnessed a smart, passionate team driven to provide clients with successful outcomes. It was the kind of company I wanted to be a part of.” 

During the virtual XCHANGE 2020 conference, Chris shared his past experiences as a leader, entrepreneur, and consultant across the payer/provider space and how it helped him better understand clients’ needs and develop best practices to help them succeed. Now, he’s putting that experience and knowledge to work at Xsolis, aligning technological and operational innovations with the needs of customers. And, as Chris says, that alignment starts at the very first conversation. 

We always want to learn,” he says. Customer excellence and service are first and foremost, and that starts at the very first interaction. Every situation is different, so we need to adapt and think differently. We must help customers, and potential customers, think differently. That is part of the consultation process and extends beyond implementation. It’s an ongoing relationship and process. 

Chris believes building trust starts with open communication, and that is what makes Xsolis such a unique organization – it builds connections between payers and providers, entities that may have historically experienced friction between themThere is no one-size-fits-all solution, so learning and listening are vital to building that overall successful experience between clients and Xsolis. 

As for the future? In 2021, Xsolis will continue to grow, innovateexpand – and deliver.    

Thinking about client experience first and foremost – we are ultimately looking at how to continue to give the best care to our customers,” explains Chris. As we grow, we want to maintain the personal connection for which we’re knownWe want to make sure we scale to align with the individual care and excellence our customers not only have come to know but also have come to expect from Xsolis.”