New Year, New Approach: Flexing Your Clinical Muscle

>We all know how New Year’s resolutions typically work: we make a lofty goal, overestimate the difficulty, or overcommit our time, and then inevitably cut back or abandon the approach.

Many nurses I speak to experience similar problems when adopting new technology and a new workflow: they are used to processes they have relied on for years, concerned that change will be difficult, worried they won’t be able to keep up and aren’t prepared to flex the clinical muscles they developed over years of experience.  It’s this underuse of real critical and clinical thinking that keeps denials lurking around each corner, and keeps hospital providers up at night wondering when the next audit shoe will fall. So, when helping hospital staff incorporate XSOLIS technology into their workflows, I give three pieces of advice to help them regain their medical musculature: dive in, find support, and test your limits.

Dive into the new technology

Gaining exposure and spending time hands-on is the first step towards truly understanding any new solution or activity: how does it work, what are the opportunities it provides, what are the shortcomings? I encourage nurses to make themselves uncomfortable by approaching their work in a way that they might not be familiar with, but which provides much more opportunity for their experience to shine.

Find support

Xsolis provides comprehensive up-front education for staff that utilize its platform in addition to materials and manuals that detail the solution comprehensively. However, after the initial education, the onus usually remains with the staff. To accommodate, we’ve taken to identifying super-users at each facility, who serve as the resident expert and source of knowledge for the rest of their organization. With these individuals in place, we find that the solution becomes far more approachable and nurses adopt the technology far more quickly.

But as always, XSOLIS Client Experience professionals are only a phone call or email away for additional support and mentoring.

Test your limits

As a disruptive technology, Xsolis’ platform opens new possibilities for daily workflows, outcomes, relationships, and internal processes. I insist that each organization and individual I work with identify gaps in their own status quo, and take steps to fill them. Without a thorough and thoughtful review of ‘why’ things are done a certain way, we often miss opportunities to change the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

Xsolis does require a change to the current process, however, this change is ultimately the best way to affect the desired outcome. Making a care decision through XSOLIS’ technology platform involves taking a holistic view of the patient based on real-time data from across the healthcare continuum. XSOLIS empowers the utilization management professional by removing much of the manual process and providing a framework in which clinical data and predictive analytics are married with your experience and expertise, culminating in defensible decisions at the point of care.

Technology can be powerful and transformative all by itself, however healthcare technology coupled with the expertise of experienced, engaged nurses is a combination that packs a punch. Make 2018 your year of change and flex those clinical muscles!