One Million = One Milestone, More to Come

It’s a day of celebration here for the Xsolis family – reaching one million case reviews completed with XSOLIS yesterday, we’ve hit a milestone that is a testament to the vision we’ve had for a long time.

Since I started this organization back in 2013, we’ve seen our client base expand immensely and we’ve been able to partner with some of the most forward-thinking healthcare organizations from coast to coast. Our platform allows case management, utilization review, and physician advisor staff to make level of care and medical necessity determinations based on a complete, analytically-driven picture of each patient. These predictive analytics are generated in real-time based on the full breadth of clinical data available in each hospital’s EMR. At one million case reviews and counting, we continue to add to a critical mass of data that drives accurate, comprehensive predictions for our partners.

As we look to the future, I envision our technology being used in multiple places across the continuum of care to create a more efficient and effective healthcare system. We’re already aligning payers and providers behind our analytics and review capabilities, resulting in improved outcomes on both sides. Our proprietary Care Level Score serves as the sole criteria for medical necessity determinations in hospitals across the nation already, with others adopting it at a rapid pace. Each review completed bolsters our analytics capabilities and sets our clients up for continued success.

The future shines bright and as we look towards the next million, it won’t be a long time coming.