XCHANGE 365: A Year-Long Initiative for Healthcare Innovation

As we enter another unprecedented year of change and challenges for the healthcare industry, connecting and collaborating has never been more criticalThat is why Xsolis is announcing XCHANGE 365. XCHANGE 365 expands the mission of Xsolis’ annual XCHANGE event from a two-day conference to a year-long collaborative experience for healthcare leaders in case management and utilization review.

“The mission of XCHANGE has always been to bring healthcare leaders together to exchange ideas and successful innovations that can benefit others in the industry,” says Joan Butters, Xsolis CEO. “In 2020, COVID-19 forced our industry to adapt, innovate, and act faster than ever before. That’s why it’s so imperative we keep the communication going. Xsolis wants to make sure the exchange of ideas isn’t limited to two-days at such a critical time. We want to provide a platform for the conversation to continue year-round.”   

XCHANGE 365 will kick off Thursday, January 21, 2021, with a live webinar, Thinking Sideways: The Innovation of the Right Care Model, featuring Rikki Moye, Vice President of Case Management at Hillcrest Healthcare System. She will share how a small action sparked a whole new case management model, and the critical steps healthcare leaders need to take to conquer obstacles, embrace change, and put that new idea into action.