(X)CHANGE of Pace

Though I couldn’t have foreseen it when I and several close colleagues gathered around a conference table on a cold day in early 2013 to draft the business plan for a new company, we were about to embark on something we believed in: taking the knowledge and expertise we’d gained from years working in the healthcare industry and applying them to problems we knew were crippling the healthcare ecosystem.

Last week, our team hosted our second annual user conference, which attracted attendees from across the nation: Washington to Florida to New York to Arizona. While I marveled at the assembled crowd and participated in two days of collaborative sessions, I couldn’t help but realize that where Xsolis is today as an organization derives largely from the innovative minds and stellar professionals that were sitting around the room.

As CEO, I get to do a lot of exciting things as our team grows our business. But one of the most satisfying things I have the privilege of doing is hearing the voice of our customers; strong leaders eager to be change agents and shift the paradigm on how healthcare operates. Last week’s crowd fits that profile to a T.

What we do is not just about finding better way to do things: for many hospitals across the nation, what we do helps keep the doors wide open for their patients. As a recent report from PwC stated, “Artificial intelligence…and other technology…have been around for awhile. But to realise the potential of these technologies will require a greater focus on collaboration and breaking down silos with key players in the healthcare arena working in concert as an ecosystem.” The things we are doing and the new partners we are bringing into this mix help to mitigate those risks and create a stronger system for all: payers, providers, and most importantly, patients.

Xsolis exhibits the now-classic startup arc: begin with a customer pain point, address the challenge, discover an unconsidered need, and pivot fully towards this new area of opportunity. For Xsolis, that pivot was using real-time artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to address the operational and financial friction that hospitals and insurers face daily. On a tactical level, that meant building out the team and infrastructure required to interface directly with electronic health records to make real-time predictions. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

Although I was passionate about starting my own business, I never saw myself as the archetypal entrepreneur – taking on an industry or the status quo in the pursuit of a better way of approaching problems. However, the daring partners we’ve collaborated with, the innovative professionals who have helped guide us, and the product-market momentum we’ve achieved all lead me to the same conclusion: we’re poised to change the industry for the better.

Entering the niche market of healthcare utilization management has proven a wise move, as Xsolis has expanded our reach and experienced tremendous growth in revenue and partnerships with innovative organizations, with footprints across this nation.

But there is more to do – and that is why we were so excited about what happened during those two days and what will happen in the days, months and years to come. The impact we can have on the cost of healthcare and on patient care is why we do what we do every day, and crucially, why each our clients show up to work each day and do the amazing work they do. We’re in this together.

Let’s get a change of pace. Let’s disrupt the status quo. Let’s make healthcare better for all.

Join us. You’ll be glad you did.