XCHANGE22: Experience Is Everything

Renewed energy and vigor to tackle some of the industry’s biggest challenges

After a hiatus since fall 2019 due to COVID travel restrictions, Xsolis welcomed customers to Music City October 26-28, when XCHANGE 2022 – our user conference – took place at the Sheraton Grand Hotel downtown.

With the rapid Xsolis growth experienced during the same three-year frame, one team member likened the in-person event to a butterfly emerging from its cocoon – reiterating the company’s refreshed mission and vision with renewed energy and focus to help customers solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges – creating a frictionless healthcare system. But as with any visit to Nashville for visitors from around the country, no visit is complete without solid hospitality as well, weaving in some of the best food, music and sights the city has to offer … because Experience Is Everything for Xsolis and its customers (also the theme for this year’s event).

Day One

Co-founder and CEO Joan Butters kicked off the conference Wednesday afternoon by welcoming attendees and acknowledging the extended hiatus. “The world looks just a little different than it did when I founded Xsolis” she said, “even different since our last in-person XCHANGE event just three years ago, as each of you is called to solve some of the healthcare industry’s biggest problems – how to do much more with even less.”

Healthcare leaders are now looking for ways to improve cash flow, reduce administrative waste, and improve the productivity and job satisfaction of existing staff.

Joan cited company learnings since its inception, including that Xsolis has grown more than 44% in its hospital clients and 111% in its payer connections in the last year.

“The market has spoken, and we hear you loud and clear,” Joan said. “The time for using better, AI-driven technologies to increase efficiencies throughout the industry is now and more necessary than ever before.”

Matt Cybulsky, PhD, founder of Ionic Insights and author of Voices of Healthcare: The Digital Acceleration followed to deliver the Day One keynote address. Attendees enjoyed Matt’s humorous take as he recounted the bizarre rituals many of us underwent at the onset of the pandemic, hosing down groceries with antibacterial spray and wipes, or leaving them in an isolated area of the garage for days on end, to underscore the theme that change is inevitable. Even some of the industry’s leading experts are making it up as they go along. And we have learned so much during this unique time about the transformation the healthcare industry needs – requires of us even – to move forward on a better, more accessible path.

One of the most requested sessions from attendees was to hear from financial leaders at hospital systems – how they’re navigating new normals, rethinking technological investments, and what’s next as revenue challenges and staffing shortages continue to persist – delivered via a panel moderated by Xsolis COO Chris Bayham.

  • During the panel, MultiCare Health Systems’ VP, CFO of Operations, Jerry Yang, predicted, “It’s up to us to prove we can operate more efficiently. And in the next 3-5 years, we’re going to see more unique relationships and partnerships between ambulatory surgery centers, health systems, payer networks, and more.”
  • Belle Butler, VP, Revenue Cycle Operations, Honor Health agreed, reiterating, “It’s really, really important to get patient status right up front, and we as an industry should be leveraging data better to make this happen.”
  • When asked how revenue cycle leaders can endure the industry’s current, turbulent climate: “The only way we’re going to achieve cost containment is through technological advances,” said Tina Wood, Market CFO for Corewell Health, “and we have to make the case to better enable our teams.”


An Xsolis-staffed panel about how the company listens to and incorporates client feedback was the last session of the day before attendees ventured to the 28th floor, the Skye Lounge, for a Welcome Reception. Once a revolving restaurant, the space still boasts 360-degree views of the Nashville skyline which made for lovely photo ops against a sunset backdrop. Unique touches at this event included an intimate singer-songwriter set by Nashville local, Jordan Barry, and a chalk art mural recreation of the event’s logo, “Experience Is Everything,” which evokes vintage Hatch Show Print artwork. Made famous in the late 1800s for its letterpress posters of artists playing the Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium, the shop is still in existence today.

Day Two

Thursday began with the inspiring tale of Gary Guller, a record-setting mountaineer. He brought together and won respect from fellow climbers and people from all over the world in his pursuit of something that had never been done before when he led the largest ever cross-disability, most diverse team to reach Mt. Everest Base Camp at 17,500 feet. “If we can reach the place where each person is respected for the job they do and they’re doing their best, and we can all share in the enthusiasm,” said Gary, “then anything is truly possible.”

Not to be out-challenged by this credo, Xsolis’ own Dr. Data and Dr. Diagnosis (aka Senior Director of Data Science Jason King and Chief Medical Officer Heather Bassett) educated conferencegoers about the differences between artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP) and neural networks, oh my! What can quickly turn into white noise with the industry’s growing interest about all things AI and machine learning, can now be more easily decoded by attendees after “Breaking Down the Buzzwords” in this educational session.

After a months’ long series of promotional videos hinting that “something big” was coming at XCHANGE22, the new CORTEX platform was finally revealed! Xsolis’ Chief Product Officer Paul Cummings and Chief Technology Officer Zach Evans showcased enhanced features that users will soon be able to deploy, and Client Delivery leaders Mandy Cruz and Crystal Nichols provided additional details about what customers can expect during implementation.

From there, attendees had the option to attend hands-on learning labs and breakout sessions with Xsolis staff – as well as customer spotlights, or educational sessions, based on where they are in their own customer journeys:

  • Change is inevitable, and even in a post-COVID world, the subsequent policy changes will continue to make it seem like the healthcare industry is in a constant state of flux. But healthcare leaders can better support the people aspects of change management, according to Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Ariana Peters, Care Management Medical Director and Physician Advisor, and Diane Kittle, RN Manager, Utilization Management. They shared how Mayo Clinic applies the ADKAR model to support the adoption of new technologies at the user level.
  • Xsolis’ CORTEX , now known as Dragonfly, is the technology platform that delivers real-time, shared patient data views while harnessing the power of predictive analytics and AI. And for newer customers or attendees still considering the solution, Hackensack Meridian Health’s team shared a wealth of lessons learned during the implementation process. Cinthia Neumany, VP Clinical Operations, Population Health; Kristine Rovell, Regional Director; and Maria Mazzini, Manager Utilization Care Coordinator shared their recommended best practices for creating internal “buy in” for their new processes and functionality, as well as sharing how Xsolis’ advanced reporting capabilities quickly became the unsung hero and secret weapon for their data-driven team.
  • Legacy Health System’s Tracy Neidetcher, Manager, Utilization Management, and Mark Harrington, MD, Physician Advisor, shared how commitment to continued education through learning huddles has provided their team with the opportunity to learn from real-world scenarios to encourage continuous improvement. Because “confident teams are efficient teams.”
  • Angie Frame, Director of Health Services at Humana, passionately asked audiences, “Can you imagine a day when a provider and payer can be partners? When we can work together to compliment the work you’re doing at the bedside?” As pioneer of the CORTEX payer connection and Precision UM automation capabilities, she shared results from a recent Humana time study to measure efficiency with case reviews and challenged the audience in closing, “My charge to you is to be that change agent to make things better at your organization.”

Attendees capped off a full day of diverse learning opportunities with the Experience Party at NashHouse, where they were able to unwind with an onsite photo booth and enjoy acoustic sets by Marshall Altman and Dylan Altman, who have written or produced hits for artists such as Matt Nathanson, Marc Broussard, Frankie Ballard, Tim McGraw, Jake Owen, Jason Aldean, Trace Adkins, and more.

Day Three

Friday began with another, much-requested topic from provider attendees, “Understanding Payer Connections” with Xsolis’ Matt Royalty, National Director, Payer Sales, and Michael Drescher, VP, Payer Strategy. They shared how Xsolis’ payer density has recently grown, and how providers can more fully utilize CORTEX’s solutions to increase collaboration between the two entities.

David M. Glaser, shareholder with Fredrikson & Byron’s Health Law Group shared, “Dispelling Widespread Misunderstandings of the Two-Midnight Rule,” including the tip – never refund just because you saw it in a manual. Manuals aren’t binding, and you should always refer to the regulation, according to David.

Xsolis CMO Heather Bassett described approaches to operationalize a Hospital at Home program from a clinical perspective, before moderating, “New Faces and Future Plans + Same Client Passion and Mission.” The panel gave attendees the opportunity to hear their pre-submitted questions answered live by Xsolis leaders, including CEO Joan Butters, CTO Zach Evans, CPO Paul Cummings, COO Chris Bayham, and CRO Tim Kostner. For the newest faces on the leadership team since the last in-person XCHANGE, Chris and Tim shared what they’re most excited about with Xsolis’ next chapter, while Zach and Paul answered specifics about future product roadmap plans.

To the provider, and majority of the audience, clients who were curious about the company’s recent growth in payer connections – why now, and what has changed with the industry or the company’s direction – Joan put a point on the conference’s focus when she concluded: “People are realizing that it’s time to move away from the zero sum game to work together more collaboratively. The market is hungry for change and ways to do things better.”

Xsolis represents that better way with its solutions, and we hope our customers enjoyed a wonderful experience learning and networking together at XCHANGE22.

  • As you heard from Angie Frame with Humana, a new future is possible when providers and payers work together in partnership. Schedule time with the Xsolis Payer Team today to review your payer mix and start your payer collaboration strategy.
  • To learn more about new services from Xsolis, reach out to your Xsolis account manager or contact us.