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Reduce the Administrative Burden of UR for Critical Access Hospitals

XSOLIS' utilization management platform, CORTEX®, offers Critical Access Hospitals a more efficient way to execute utilization review. Through machine learning and predictive analytics, CORTEX® collates real-time EMR data and equips teams with insights for a simplified, more informed utilization review process.


Improve Small Team Efficiency

For small multitasking teams with limited capacity to complete case reviews, manage denials, and payer communication, CORTEX® uses artificial intelligence to reduce the manual processes within utilization management. XSOLIS' AI technology analyzes disparate clinical data from electronic medical records so that nurses don't have to. 

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Robust Tracking and Reporting Capability

CORTEX® has advanced reporting capabilities, giving nurses and executives immediate insight into key trends such as observation rate, conversion rate, and easily identifies missed opportunities. Ad hoc reporting within CORTEX® also gives your team the ability to track discharge readiness and missed conversion opportunities on a case-by-case basis.


Enhance Payer-Provider Communication

CORTEX® acts as the source of truth on medical necessity for each case in the utilization review process, giving both payers and providers access to real-time data to quickly and accurately make decisions based on the clinical merit of the case, with aligned analytics and insight. 

Payer-Provider Communication

Services to Support: Denials Resolution & Physician Advisor Outsourcing

XSOLIS offers Physician Advisory services and Denial Resolution support at a fraction of the normal cost of traditional outsourcing. These services provide an efficient and effective case review process, backed by XSOLIS supporting data and documentation technology for defensible medical necessity and status determinations.

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