Re-Envision Your UM, Case Management & Revenue Cycle Processes

Xsolis’ AI-driven platform provides actionable insights that increase collaboration among UM, case management, and revenue cycle stakeholders, reducing administrative overhead. This frees staff to focus on clinical priorities and patient care, while also reducing payer abrasion.

Xsolis customers experience 5-7X ROI¹ and improved efficiencies. Learn how Dragonfly can transform your workflows, while minimizing revenue leakage.

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Why Xsolis?

Xsolis’ innovative approach increases collaboration and alignment across departments and with health plan partners, driving measurable improvements.


Ensure appropriate level of care for every patient and optimize length of stay

Real-time AI-driven insights can allow your teams to align proactively on patient status, medical necessity, length of stay, and appropriate reimbursement​


Optimize clinical and financial resources, increasing staff efficiency

Xsolis’ objective, data-driven view of medical necessity helps clinical and revenue cycle teams improve patient status accuracy from bedside to final payment, creating efficiencies and reducing administrative burden.


Optimize appropriate revenue capture

Xsolis’ machine learning and data-driven approach can align your organization with health plans on medical necessity, reducing revenue leakage and creating efficiencies across the revenue cycle.


Enhance health plan collaboration and communication

Providing a shared view of each patient’s medical necessity enables real-time collaboration with health plan partners.

What Xsolis Provider Clients Are Saying

“Hospital and health plan leaders are all struggling with the same things – to create more efficiencies, improve the bottom line, improve the payer-provider dynamic, and we have achieved all of these with Xsolis and more. The value that Xsolis has brought to the table and the efficiencies we have gained for our hospital in the last seven years have been remarkable.”

– Jan Trevillian
Director of Care Management at Chesapeake Regional Healthcare

“We have been trained to treat patients – mind, body spirit – by using our clinical expertise. Patients are more than just a checkbox. And working with Xsolis has allowed our staff to get back to what fulfills them – taking care of patients.”

– Kayla Long
Director of Case Management at UMC Health System  

“The results (with Xsolis) are simpler workflows and processes and the collaboration between our internal teams and payer partners has improved significantly.”

– Dr. Amy Sikes
Physician/Physician Advisor of Utilization Review and Case Management at UMC Health System 

Our payer connections can be tricky to manage, but our payers quickly recognized the shared benefits of working in Dragonfly [CORTEX], which has led to conversations about what other improvements we can accomplish together within a shared and collaborate framework. This has been a new experience for them.”

– Kim Petram
Director of Case Management at Valley Medical Center  


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