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How Xsolis Eases AI Technology Fears

Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Predictive analytics. These terms sound overwhelming if you’re not a data scientist. But, when it comes to Xsolis’ Precision Utilization Management platform, CORTEX, now known as Dragonfly Utilize, Xsolis provides an educational foundation for clients to ensure using […]

5 Ways Dragonfly Improves the Utilization Review Process

How can Dragonfly help your healthcare organization?   Dragonfly, formerly known as CORTEX, helps clients in so many ways. From increasing efficiencies and workflows to reducing denials to lower observation rates to increased revenue, Xsolis’ clients have […]

Rowvember: Xsolis and Fit Factory Nashville Support Gigi’s Playhouse

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has rippled across our lives and communities. While businesses, individuals and families have been impacted, considerable disruption has also occurred for non-profits and charities that […]

From Adversary to Ally: How Dragonfly Connects Payers & Providers

The disconnect between payers and providers has grown over the years, creating more work and frustrations on both sides. This strained relationship is also costing the healthcare industry billions of […]

Increased Efficiency: UM Leaders’ Perspectives on Dragonfly

Xsolis asked its clients how CORTEX, now known as Dragonfly, changed the way they worked. The answer was the same across the board – increased efficiency.  Before implementing the utilization […]

Xsolis Implementation: A Seamless Experience

You’ve experienced a demo, your team is ready to transform the utilization management process with Xsolis technology, and your contract is signed. Now comes the rewarding next step along the Xsolis journey – your implementation process.  The idea of implementing new technology can be intimidating, […]